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Collectors and conveners, transform your home to serve your dreams and your guests! 



Embrace the possible by making the most of your life, space and investment! 



Adaptive design for live/work, multi-generational families, cohousing, and accessibility. 



Create a separate place in a backyard, studio, vacation home, or a room of your own. 


San Francisco neighborhoods and beyond

Michael Mullin


Since 1991 I’ve been a San Francisco-based residential architect. The “relaxed modern” form my work begins in the universals of quality home design – natural light, spaciousness, order – and incorporates functional luxury for the activities that make my client’s lives unique.

Full Services

First, I listen. Then I translate what I hear into architectural solutions – not just for the design, but also for the financial, bureaucratic, logistical and emotional challenges of home construction. My goal is to elevate the aesthetic expression of your domestic life, the asset value of your property, and your experience of this major life event. My references testify to the value of retaining an experienced, empathetic, full-service architect.

Full Services


In 1978 my very first job was drafting details for the restoration of the Shaker Village in Hancock, Massachusetts. The Shaker emphasis on graceful utility has stuck with me. Art, music, dance, literature, yoga, nature, travel…all inform my architectural thinking. My design translates concepts among media, no doubt explaining why many of my clients are designers, programmers, musicians, art collectors, and other cultural creatives.


Sustainable design is like healthy living – a bit different for everyone and full of particulars. Materials and technologies play a big part, but success is about best practices: we look for every opportunity to reduce stress on the environment, occupants, and cost of operation. Using local resources to satisfy local needs is a core value for us.



Another important element of sustainability in my practice is being involved in community. These affiliations have been a source of learning, accomplishment and wonderful relationships!